OnePlus Coupon for All Accessories and Phones [Working]

claim 500Rs coupon

How to Redeem OnePlus 500Rs Discount Voucher for Wireless Z, Buds, Powerbank, Type C Cables & Other Accessories?

So here’s the thing you can easily redeem 500Rs off and 200Rs off depending on your OnePlus Account. Right now on accessories, you can Easily Claim OnePlus Coupons

I have attached extra links below so that you can claim a coupon from the below link if the above is not working for you.

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OnePlus Coupon 500Rs Updated Jan 2021


OnePlus Coupon 200Rs Updated Jan 2021



Claim OnePlus 500Rs Voucher For Device

Claim OnePlus Voucher For Accessories Only


Steps to Claim OnePlus 500 and 200Rs Discount Vouchers for Accessories and Phones.

Before starting, I want to make you aware of the rules and offers you can avail on OnePlus and how much discount on OnePlus Devices and Accessories, I will also discuss how to apply multiple vouchers and how you can claim products for free. All this will be all mentioned in the post with an avail button so that you can claim your discount voucher easily on the OnePlus official website.

How To Claim OnePlus 500rs Discount Voucher and 200Rs Discount Easily in 3 Simple Steps:

Claim OnePlus Accessories Voucher:

Step 1. Click Claim Voucher to get OnePlus 200rs off coupon.OnePlus 200 off voucher

Step 2. Once you redirected to OnePlus Canada website all you have to do is Claim OnePlus 3.5$ Voucher, it will be added to your account automatically make sure you are already logged in log in to your OnePlus Account.and don’t worry if you live in India you can still add the discount coupon to your OnePlus account.

OnePlus 200 off vouchers free

Step 3. You will get the option to redirect from the Canadian website to the Indian website, Just do that and now you can buy accessories like wireless z bass edition, buds z, type c cable, charger, covers, or anything with this voucher, and if you are lucky you will get a special deal automatically on your OnePlus account.

For Buying OnePlus Device: 

  1. If you buy any OnePlus Device + Accessories then you can Click “Claim 500 Discount Coupon”
  2. Add 500 discount Voucher to your account by login to your OnePlus Account.
  3. Click Redeem Now and add it will be added to your Account, Now just click add device and accessories both, only then you can claim the voucher.

And it’s done!! You have your accessories and phone at discount.

Special News for Red Cable Club Members:

If you are a red cable club member you will get an extra 2% discount on all accessories.You just have to buy from the above link and boom. You will see that you have got an extra discount already.

Many lucky users get an extra offer on accessories to get up to 400Rs off on power bank which costs 1100Rs and after discount, it’s available at 800Rs*. This is a very limited offer which most people don’t know. You can check How To Buy OnePlus Power Bank @800Rs [Limited Offer]

In addition to the above, I will also tell you how to signup for free Red Cable Club Membership and get all the benefits.

You must be an OnePlus Device owner.If you are then read the steps below.

Go to settings > On the top you get a sign-in option or your username if you already logged in> Claim Red Cable Club Membership from there.

Check below the answers to most asked questions and problems solved while buying with Vouchers.

FAQs for OnePlus Vouchers


  • How to resolve Param Ticket Not Found while login on Oneplus website/ Number Login?

To resolve Param ticked not found the issue you need to try logging in with google id or direct email id and if you still face issue then clear browser cookies and open in Incognito mode or Private window.

  • What if OnePlus 500 Rs Discount Code is Not Working?

The discount voucher is Mostly Working on Limited accessories mentioned above and if you get issue while claiming 500off this code then Claim here or Try with 200 off code for accessories from this link [Claim 200 Rs Coupon]

If you don’t get the redeem voucher option you need to try with a new account or try with private window/ incognito mode.

Let us know in the comments below that you availed OnePlus 500rs discount voucher or 200rs voucher. We will try to solve and respond as quickly as possible. Also if you availed from the links above you can share the screenshots on our official Instagram page

Join OnePlus Fanclub Whatsapp Group [Fill Details Below and Join From Link]

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