How to Increase Battery Life of OnePlus 8 Pro 8,7T,7 Series,Nord [15 Working Ways]

Stop Battery Draining on OnePlus instantly

How to Increase Battery Life of OnePlus 8 Pro
8, 7T Pro,7T,7series, Nord,6 series, or older?

In this post, I am going to give you secrets that no one will tell you about How to increase battery life or get a better battery life of your OnePlus 8Series, 7T series,7 Series, Nord, or any OnePlus Device.

So, First of all, Make sure you read this complete post and I have given the best ever working solution that works for each and every OnePlus device or Non-OnePlus Device. We have tried these steps on almost all OnePlus Devices.

We used it for 1 week to see if there’s a difference and we have got an increased battery life on OnePlus. So if you are OnePlus 3,3T,5,5T,6,6T,7,7T,8,8 Pro User the following methods will surely work for you if you apply these properly.

To increase the battery life of OnePlus 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, Nord, and 8 or 8 Pro. No matter what android device you have ways will work and you will see a drastic change in your battery life and on-screen time it will give you increased output than before.

I will be sharing the things you need to do to increase battery life for any OnePlus Device including Nord,7,7T Series,8,8Pro Here are the things you must apply after reading this post

*if any step mentioned below not available on your device you can leave that step,
Just try to apply as many as steps you follow from the below checklist.

Checklist You Should Follow to Increase Battery Life on OnePlus 3,3T,5,5T,6,6T,7,7T,8,8Pro or Nord :

  1. Turn On Battery Saver.

  2. Change Recents Apps to deep Clear.

  3. Remove Extra Apps or Big Heavy Games That You Don’t Use/Play.

  4. Turn Off “Ambient Display and Wake Screen on Notifications”

  5.  Use Your Phone at Lower Refresh Rate.

  6. Clear Cache From Fast Boot Mode

  7. Reduce Screen Sleep Time from 1 Minute to 30 Seconds or Less.

  8. Change Brightness from Manual To Automatic.

  9. Reboot Your Phone Once a Day.

  10. Charge your phone when switched off

  11. Do Not charge till 100% also don’t go Discharge Under 20%

  12. Enable Dark Mode

  13. Don’t Over Charge/ Don’t Charge Overnight.

  14. Turn Off Bluetooth, Wifi or Mobile Data and GPS when Not Using

  15. Drop the Screen Resolution

Above are the main checklist that you must follow to increase the battery life of OnePlus device.

To Follow Above Steps Check Below in Detail:

1. How To Turn On Battery Saver on OnePlus?

How To Turn On Battery Saver on OnePlus
How To Turn On Battery Saver on OnePlus


To turn on battery saver mode on OnePlus 8Pro, 8, 7 Series,6 Series,5 Series : First Go into Settings, then tap on Battery then there is a toggle on/off option named Battery Saver. Just Turn on battery saver from there.
Else apply this
You can turn on the Battery saver from the toggle button from Notifications Bar just like the above image.

2. How To Change Recents Apps to Deep Clear?

To change recent apps mode to deep clear you need to go to settings then Advanced then open Clear recent apps” you will find 2 options there:

Normal clear: To Clear task list and cache, without ending background processes. This means if you open an app in the background and just cleared from recent it will still consume battery and work in the background. This is one of the main reasons for the fast draining of the battery on your device.

Deep clear: It will Clear complete background processes of the app. When you choose the Deep Clear option you might get delayed in your WhatsApp messages because WhatsApp uses battery background. It is only recommended when you want to get an increase in the battery life of your device to the max.

In case you don’t see this option on your device, Just skip this step.

3. Uninstall Extra Apps or Big Games That You Don’t Use.

One of the main reasons for battery draining is big games or apps. I know you must be thinking that OnePlus have got a big processor and high ram capacity but when you install a big game it will create cache and data files in phone storage.

and even if you don’t use that game or app that will make the space and take some extra battery usage to complete internal processes. So it’s recommended to remove those apps that you don’t use frequently to get better battery life. 

4. Turn off “Ambient Display and Wake Screen on Notifications”

How To Turn Off ambient mode on OnePlus 7,7t,7pro,8,8pro
How To Turn Off ambient mode on OnePlus 7,7t,7pro,8,8pro

This feature is especially for devices like OnePlus 7, 7T, 8 , 8 Pro.To save battery drain life just turn off Ambient display and wake on-screen notifications.

How ambient display consumes battery?

When you turn on ambient display it will show the time every time you pick up the phone and for that, the device uses sensors that need to be activated all the time.

 5. How to Change your OnePlus 7T,8,8 Pro or Nord Screen Refresh Rate?

To change the refresh rate in OnePlus 7T,8,8 Pro or Nord or Later follow these steps:

Go to settings > Display > Refresh Rate > Change it from 90Hz or 120Hz to 60Hz

OnePlus Nord, OnePlus 7T series, or OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, When Set to 90Hz/120Hz screen refresh rate it consumes more battery power. It is recommended to use the device at 60Hz to get better battery life.

6. How to Clear Cache from recovery mode on OnePlus 7T,8,8 Pro , Nord, 6 Series, 5 Series?

Steps to clear cache from recovery mode on OnePlus 7T,8,8 Pro, Nord, 6 Series, 5 Series :

Turn Off the device > Hold Power and Volume Down > English (or pick any language that you want) > Wipe data & cache > Wipe cache > Yes > Reboot

7. How to Reduce Sleep Time from 1 Minute to 30 seconds on OnePlus?

To Reduce Sleep Time follow these steps on OnePlus 7T,8,8 Pro, Nord, 6 Series, 5 Series 

How to Reduce Sleep Time from 1 Minute to 30 seconds on OnePlus 7,7t,8,8 pro

Settings–> Display–> Sleep –> press on sleep and select the time you would like (Recommended: 30 Seconds or Less)

Sleep time is a very major factor for battery draining on any OnePlus device or android device, If you haven’t pressed the lock button and just put the device aside for 1 minute the screen will keep on. You should reduce it to 30 seconds or less as per your convenience.

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8. Change brightness to Automatic so sensors will adjust it automatically accordingly.

To change brightness to automatic just pull down the notification panel and there’s an option on the right side of the brightness bar, Just tap on that if it’s off it will turn on and the screen will set brightness automatically according to the sensors.

9. Reboot your phone daily.

We all know how to reboot or restart the device, Here’s the step if you have any confusion:  Press and hold the lock button for few seconds > You get 3 options > Click on reboot and it will prompt yes or no > Click Yes to Reboot.

Just reboot the device daily to refresh your daily once a day at least to keep it working properly for longer times.

10. Charge your Device on Switched Off.

It is a good way to keep the battery working longer and if you charge your device while turned off then you will automatically follow the above step and also if will charge fast.

11. Don’t Charge OnePlus device to 100% And Discharge to 20%

Most people discharge their device to 0% and charge to 100% complete it’s a bad thing and affects the battery.

Here’s how: when you charge your device above 90% it will count one battery cycle, Means there are some limited cycles a battery can handle and if cycles get completed you need to replace the battery. So to keep battery healthy and work properly just try to don’t discharge the device below 20% and don’t charge above 89%

This is a major issue why so many people complain that their battery is draining fast and the health of the battery got damages in just 1 Year.

OnePlus provides an amazing battery and it works up to 3 years and after 3 years it starts getting an issue. So to get the best out of the battery of your device must follow above and your OnePlus battery life will be increased.

12. Enable Dark Mode on Apps and Phone Theme

The dark mode is very useful for your eyes and battery both, It’s now available on most of the apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and For Android 10 Users it is available easily.

12. Enable Dark Mode on Apps and Phone Theme on OnePlus7,7t,7pro,8,8pro.jpg


To turn On Dark Mode on OnePlus Device > Go to Settings > Tap on Customization > Tap on Preset Theme and Choose Nuanced dark >Click on Apply and That’s it.

13. Do Not Over Charge/ Charge Overnight

Most people do this mistake of overcharging the device, Even after it reaches 100% but still, they keep it on charging and the battery starts getting troubles while holding the charge.

It is recommended Never charge OnePlus or Any android device overnight, it has a fast charger and you can charge your device in 30 minutes and use it for half day easily.

14. Turn Off Bluetooth, Wifi or Mobile Data and Locations services when not in use.

It’s an easy step but you need to make a habit of keeping the Bluetooth off after using it and turning off the location services, Mobile data, and wifi to increase battery life.

It is also recommended to switch your 4G mode to 2G mode if you want to save even more battery life.

15. How to Drop the Screen Resolution?

To drop the screen resolution you need to go to the settings app and check for > Go to Display > Then, Resolution Just tap on FHD+ or less if it’s on QHD+.

Final Verdict : 

Just follow all the steps and in simple words a mobile device have got many features and for using that you need more sensors and a big battery. If your battery is draining fast on OnePlus 8 Pro,8, 7Pro,7T, 6 Series, 5, 5T just update device to latest version and try to use limited features so that it won’t consume more battery and you get a whole day battery life. Hope that above 15 Ways to Increase Battery Life of OnePlus 8 Pro 8, 7T,6 helped you. Share this post with your friends and family so that they also get some knowledge about increasing battery life.

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