Top 15 free Offline Games for Oneplus Users

Free Offline Games for Oneplus

Top 15 Free Offline Games for Oneplus Users.

Bored with scrolling and getting notifications? Here are some awesome remedies without the internet and without even getting bored. These games are best when there is no internet connection and it helped me a lot in passing the time and releasing the stress during this pandemic.

These free offline games are tried on oneplus and also work perfectly on another android devices too. We haven’t sorted this because everyone has different interests.

1. Sudoku – Free & Offline


suduko download free for oneplus


Many of us prefer puzzle games to pass our time, especially when the internet is down. Fassor’s Sudoku is the best option for sudoku lovers. One of the best offline games for oneplus users

There are four levels and a timer in this app. Basically it has an objective of how fast one can finish it. But one thing you should keep in mind is that in this app one can write more than one rough number in a cell, at a cost of 30-second penalty.

It can be checked if it is solved correctly anytime, but yes there is a penalty for that. While calculating the final score all the time penalties add up, and it is subtracted from the total score earned.

Download size: 4.8 MB

Download Link:


2. Smash Hit:

best offline games download apk free for oneplus

Smash hit has been one of the most popular games in 2014. and it still offers you a good experience. Talking about its genre it is not exactly shooter game, but yes it is close to what is called “shooter”

as the game starts, what you can see is steel balls and glasses, all you need to do is throw the steel balls at the glass to smash them into pieces. You need to continue those hits, sometimes with multiple balls, against the glass, to get bonus points.

Thus while continuing your level is slowly increasing. As a precaution, u must be sure you don’t get hit by any glass so that Make sure you don’t get hit by any glass, or else you can simply lose the game.

Download Size: 58 MB

Download link:


3. Bubble Shooterbubble shooter free offline games for oneplus

The bubble shooter is one of the most colorful games. It is easier to use, you just need to point your bubble to the same color bubble, and shoot it.
The more bubbles you shoot, more points you get and you get more levels up. It also has an arcade mode, where there is a timer.

There is a boundary line at the bottom, if your bubble bunch touches that line, you lose the game. So yeah it is simply a delightful experience without internet connection.

Download size: 24 MB

Download Link:

4. Crossy Road:

crossy road free offline games download for oneplus

Crossy Road is one of the most popular android games. Here you need to give direction to a chicken across the road and streams and also around various obstacles.

Some of this game’s features are over 150 collectible characters, offline support, and more. It can be called a “family game” as it can be played irrespective of age.

Download size:71 MB

Download link:

5. Badminton League:

badminton league download free for oneplus
This game has earned ” the best sports game for android” place. Tou just has to move your character forward or backward choose short or long shorts.

You can customize your character and upgrade your racquet here. Though it has poor graphics and 2D platform simplicity is the most attractive feature of this game.

Download size: 61 MB

Download link:

6. Indian Train Simulator

Indian train simulator download free
So whoever loves racing games, or love virtual rides, it can provide a great experience to them. It is a simple game where you just need to drive a train, following the signals, and you need to stop in stations so that passengers can board. So yes this is a simple yet colorful gaming experience even when the internet is down.

Download size: 100 MB

Download link:

7. Dream League Soccer

dream league soccer 2020 download free
This is especially for all football enthusiasts. It has pretty good graphics along with colors and there is a variety of weather in the game itself.
There are some amazing features like a training ground, player accommodations, etc. You can also play tournaments here.

Download size: 333 MB

Download link:

8. Typoman Mobile

Typoman mobile download free
It is one of the best adventurous games with impressive graphics. Here your character is made of English alphabets and you need to manipulate letters to control your environment. It is addictive gameplay with smooth and creative design.

Download size: 322 MB

Download link:

9. Alto’s Odyssey:

Alto's Odyssey download apk free
It is of the adventure genre, where there is a flat graphics, bright colors with some quality background music. It is easy to learn the game.
Those who like long term playability, it is a good option for them. So if you want to relax and refresh your mind and want to be away from the world of the internet, you can choose this.

Download size: 73 MB

Download link:


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10. Overkill 3:
Overkill 3 download free for android

This game is for those people who are fond of aggressive games. The game is pretty fast-paced, and you get rewards like overkill medals, gears like a variety of guns, equipment, etc. With the increase of level, you get more challenges, and the difficulty level is increased. You can also chat with the teammates in multiplayer mode. Overall you get a great Audiovisual experience.

Download size: 420 MB

Download link:

11. Candy Crush Soda Saga:

Now if you are in relax mode, and you want some great visual experience with some realistic sound you can definitely choose candy crush soda saga. It is one of the most popular games for years and it can be played irrespective of age, gender. And it is also gameplay with long term playability, you get a lot of levels, and surely you won’t get bored as your visual experience would change with an increment of levels.

Download size: 75 MB

Download link:

12. Subway Surfer:

subway surfers download free apk

I hope you all have heard of this game. It is a great offline game where you need to achieve coins by making your play run avoiding obstacles. With an increment of levels, you can upgrade your player and also use new characters. This game has good graphics and overall you get a good audiovisual experience.

Download size: 99 MB

Download link:

13. My Cafe Restaurant:

My cafe - resturant offline game for oneplus download
So all the foodies put your hands together cause I am going to talk about your favorite foods! Yes, you heard it right. This game allows you all to make food and serve it to the customers. Also, you can customize your restaurant. So if you are lazy but want to make foods, choose this. Your experience is going to be delicious.

Download size: 187 MB

Download link:

14. Traffic Rider

Traffic rider download apk 2020
Love bike rides? Here is a traffic rider for you. You get an option of motorbike racing here. You get to see marvelous scenic beauty along with bridges, highways, countrysides. You need to navigate while heavy traffic to avoid obstacles. So stay home and have a ride in traffic rider.

Download size: 82 MB

Download link:

15. Ninja Dash Run

Ninja dash run download offline games for oneplus - android 2020
Love action? This one is an adventurous game with Japanese ninja. You can run jump and splash here. You need to kill and fight with demons. You can also unlock characters here. It offers you great graphics and addictive. So don’t get bored just play ninja dash run!

Download size: 64 MB

Download link:


These are some offline games for oneplus users and we recommend you to must try these as they can pass your time in a fun way. Also with the download link, you can download these offline games directly from the play store.

These offline games are from oneplus users and other android users also so if you are not an oneplus user but an android user, then you can also use play these offline and no internet games for your fun time.

That’s it for today and you can turn on notifications to get the latest tech updates directly to your phone.

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