OnePlus Power Bank Free Giveaway Alert!!

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First Read This To Get OnePlus Power Bank Free!!!

As you all love giveaways so here we listened to all of you. Doing Multiple Giveaways for you all. Before coming to the prizes let me first tell you about why we are doing this giveaway.

There is multiple reasons for this giveaway, With all your love and support we are about to reach 70K Followers on Instagram and Soon we will be the biggest OnePlus Fan page.

My dream and goal are to reach 100K Followers Milestone. I can do 1000s of giveaways as you all love them but at the end of the day, all I want is support from your side. You all are part of my family and doing a giveaway makes you happy and if you are happy then my half goal is accomplished.

Thank you if you read this above, These all are what I feel typed directly from my heart.

Steps to Participate in Giveaway

It’s for everyone, Also for non OnePlus Users

Step 1: First Share this post on your Facebook feed and tag us @oneplusfanclub1 

Step 2: Tag 3 Friends and Tell them to share if they also want to participate. Don’t forget to tag us.

Step 3: Comment a “❤️” and Tag Atleast 2 Friends on Instagram and share the latest post as a story.

Step 4: Mention in Story so that we know that you shared. And That’s it

The winner will be announced on Instagram Live @oneplus.fanclub in front of everyone so that there is 100% transparency.

Final Verdict: Just share and tag on both Insta and facebok and tag your friends let them know that you care. Just 2 Minutes of work can help you win a beautiful Powerbank by OnePlus and Skins for Any Device you have.

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