General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546

General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546: A Comprehensive Guide**

Ever found yourself stranded on a deserted highway, car battery dead as a dodo, and not a soul in sight? Cue the General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546 , your knight in shining armor. But how exactly can you reach out to them when the need arises? That’s what we are here to discuss today!

**Why is General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546 Important?**

### **24/7 Support**

Picture this: it’s the middle of the night, your car has decided to act up, and you’re in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Scary, right? Not with General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546 With their 24/7 support, help is just a call away, no matter what hour of the day it is.

The General Motors Customer Service Number connects you with the complete family of companies that fall under the GM umbrella. From stylish Cadillacs to reliable Oldsmobiles, rugged GMC Trucks to comfortable and economic Saturn’s, you’ll find some of the world’s most popular vehicles being provided by General Motors. Over the past century, they have been renowned for producing some of the most respected and reliable engines and equipment on the road and in your homes.

General Motors Customer Service Number

Are you considering a new vehicle and want to select from one of the great family of companies that fall under the GM mantle? Have you been looking at GMC Trucks or the luxurious line of Cadillac cars? You can find information on investing, shop for a new vehicle, or locate dealers through the family of dealers that carry GM vehicles. You can also look for certified and factory pre-owned cars, as well as peruse the vehicles scheduled to come out in the future. All this will be guided by the expert staff at General Motors, who will eagerly help you find the right information and the right car for you.

Customer Service Number: 1-866-694-6546

General Motors Mailing Address

The General Motors mailing address is located in Detroit Michigan and serves as the home of the entire family of corporations. From here they serve the millions of customers all around the world that swear by the GM family of autos and engines alike.

Mailing Address:

General Motors
P.O. Box 33170
Detroit, MI 48232-5170

General Motors Email Address

With so many brands under their label, there’s no single access point for their email. Instead, you have to start at the below link and connect with one of the companies they manage. You can, however, fire up their Live Chat if you want to get immediate assistance, find information about that below.

Email Address:

General Motors Customer Support Website

The General Motors customer support site provides an incredible wealth of information about GM and all the products and services they provide. From their classic Hummer SUV to the most reliable and luxurious family car to ever hit the road, the Cadillac, you’ll be able to find information about them all through this site. If you’re a fan of Pontiacs, Buicks, Saturns, or Oldsmobile, then you’re a fan of GM and their line of automobiles. You can also get information about their sustainability practice, their role of leadership within the community, and how to start a career with GM.

Customer Support Site:

General Motors Live Chat

Need information about your vehicle but don’t want to wait on hold on your phone? Trying to get a message through but you’re in a noisy environment? Are you hearing impaired but need the assistance of a trained professional? Just follow this link to the live chat option on their website. Quick and easy you’ll be connected with a GM professional in no time.

Live Chat:

General Motors Social Media

GM’s social media accounts bring you great information about innovations happening in the automotive industry and beyond. From fans of Chevy who have rebuilt classic cars to advancements that ensure you’re connected to life outside your car, Chevrolet continues to lead the industry. Following their social media channels will ensure you stay connected with what GM can do.






About General Motors

General Motors first got its start in 1908 in a little town that’s become infamous known as Flint, Michigan. One of the founders, William Durant, would be cast out of this company in 1910. This move would spur him to begin the Chevrolet corporation and line of vehicles, a move that would come full circle when he bought controlling stock in GM in 1914 and reabsorbed GM into Chevrolet. GM has been providing the world with some of the finest vehicles in the world, as well as powerful and reliable industrial applications in multiple industries including the Marine and Locomotive areas. In addition, the company would play a part in bringing household names to prominence, including companies like Frigidaire, Euclid, and Electronic Data Systems. Today the company has close to 400 facilities covering six continents and produces upward of 9,000,000 vehicles every year for multiple markets.

Customer Service Number: 1-866-694-6546

Physical Location: General Motors Company P.O. Box 33170, Detroit, MI 48232-5170

Hours of Operation: Monday- Saturday 8am-9pm

Company URL:

Contact Points: Website, Live Chat, Social Media

Services Supported: Automobiles, Refrigerators, Air Conditioning, Marine Diesel, Locomotive Diesel, Industrial Diesel, Construction Vehicles, Airplanes, Military Defense

### **Roadside Assistance**

Whether it’s a flat tire, an empty gas tank, or a stubborn car battery, General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546 roadside assistance can save your day. You can wave goodbye to hours of waiting for help!

**How to Reach General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546**

So, now you know the importance of General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546, let’s delve into the ways to reach them.

### **General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546 Phone Number**

The most direct way to reach General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546 is through their customer service number. Have you ever heard the saying, “Help is just a call away?” In this case, it’s spot-on!

### **General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546 Email**

If your issue isn’t immediate, or you prefer written communication, you can shoot an email to the General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546 team. Remember to provide detailed information about your issue to facilitate a quicker resolution.

### **General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546 Live Chat**

In today’s digital age, wouldn’t it be nice to have a real-time chat option? Well, AAA has got you covered with their live chat support.

**How to Communicate Effectively with General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546**

Communication is key, but effective communication? That’s a game-changer.

### **Be Clear and Concise**

Time is of the essence when you’re in a pinch. Make sure to describe your issue clearly and concisely to the customer service rep for the quickest solution.

### **Stay Calm and Patient**

Remember, the person on the other end of the line is there to help you. Staying calm and patient will not only make their job easier but also expedite the resolution process.

### **Have Your Information Ready**

Your General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546 membership details, location, and problem specifics should be at your fingertips when you reach out. Preparation is half the battle won!

What to Expect from General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546

General Motors Customer Service Number 866-694-6546 commitment to stellar customer service

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