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Reasons Why you Should use OnePlus Zen Mode 2.0 Daily After This Update

Zen Mode 2.0 Major Changes and Compatibility

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In 2019 OnePlus made this app called “Zen Mode App” and also added it to the google play store. This app helps you spend time without your phone by locking it for a specific time like 10 minutes to 60 minutes.

Now a few days back OnePlus teases Oxygen11 and Zen Mode 2.0 which have move features than the previous version. Now with the new update, it’s released even before the release of Oxygen OS 11.

With the first update of Zen Mode 2.0, the app was incompatible with devices lower than android 11 but now the company has released a new update that makes it running on the older version of android.

This new update brings some new and very interesting features which you should try right now if you are an OnePlus User. The major and best feature is that it helps you create and join a room where you can connect with your friend and you both use zen mode to decrease phone usage. You can join the room and pair with your friends. We will post a tutorial on this very soon.

The Zen mode 2.0 helps you to not use your device and spend time with your family or friends or on work without using your phone for some particular time. Depends on how much minutes you set. This app literally force you to leave your phone and work on your stuff or do something productive for a set time.

But here’s the main drawback of this, if your OnePlus device doesn’t have Android 10 then you can download and install Zen Mode 2.0 on your device.


Welcome to the newly designed Zen Mode!

1. Adding a variety of themes to bring you a more immersive meditation experience
2. You can create a room and invite your friends to join you to start a focus challenge together
3. Record daily Zen moments and review the journey of concentration


Final Verdict:

I personally use Zen Mode and it’s much better than Google’s Digital Wellbeing. Wellbeing just records hours spent on it and blocks the apps if you activate. On the other hand, Zen Mode gives access to the camera and receiving phone calls only except that you can’t use your device. This thing will surely help if you are too attached to your phone and use it for longer times.

To download Zen Mode 2.0 you must have an OnePlus smartphone running Android 10, which means at least OnePlus 5 Series device then you can down it from Google Play Store.



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